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Do Son beach – A weekend sea resort for tourists

Lying 20 kilometers away from Hai Phong city and more than 100 kilometers from Hanoi, Do Son is one of the most famous seaside resorts in North Vietnam.

Do Son is on a small peninsula between the Lach Tray and Van Uc rivers. Do Son’s beaches are shaded by thousands of sandalwood trees and covered by mountains and hills. After establishing themselves in Haiphong, the French turned Do Son into a summer resort for both themselves and upper class Vietnamese.

This sea resort town is composed of three zones, each having nice bathing beaches, hills, pine forests, and age-old constructions.

At the very tip of the peninsula was the Hotel de la Pionte, now known as Van Hoa Hotel, built on the top of a large hill. This is the finest building in Do Son, looking like an ancient castle rising out of the green landscape.

On summer days, Do Son is a worth-visiting place, attracting the local people and tourists from all over the world in Vietnam travel. They mainly come here to spend time on bathing, hiking, and relaxing. From Do Son, tourists in tours to Vietnam can conveniently sail to Cat Ba Island, to Ha Long Bay, to Dien Bien, Long Chau, and Hon Dat Island.


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