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Xuan Dai gulf’s beauties

Lying on the foot of the Găng slope in area of Xuân Thọ commune, Xuân Thịnh commune and Sông Cầu town (Phú Yên province), Xuân Đài gulf is as a part of Cổ Ngựa mountain chain, run to the beach in about 15km and surrounds Xuân Thịnh peninsula.

The gulf is enveloped with calm villages, appeared and disappeared shapes of coconut-palms, white sand bank with stone banks in a strange shape, which make the gulf’s space more calm and quiet.

Xuân Đài gulf, Phú Yên – Photo: Công Thành

Xuân Đài gulf has water surface area of approximately 13.000ha. The gulf’s mouth (Kỳ Lộ river’s mouth) is in 4,4km wide. The gulf is from 7m to 18m deep, the gulf’s bank is in 50km long and run across many various areas such as Đèn waterfall, Đá Ong, Đỏ waterfall, Lắm lake, Mắm lake, Dông lake, Sứ lake, Bãi Ôm…, Từ Nham beach, Cù Mông lagoon and there are many corals in the sea.

The unique features of Xuân Đài gulf are white sand banks, calm waves, which are convenient for convalescence and Vietnam tourism, swimming in the sea. Especially, Dài beach with sand bank in shape of bow back is in 5km long and covered by poplar forests. The section from Cổ Cò to Cột Cờ mountain is closed to the gulf’s mouth and has many peaks of mountains emerging on water surface. On the mountain, plants are green in four seasons and the courses of streams from the high create fresh water wells. It is the wonderful location for traveling.

With charming of the beach and landscape, history and geometry as well as diversified benefits from aquatic products, Xuân Đài will be an attractive place for tourists. Unique features of pristine beach, calm fishing villages will grab tourists.

In Xuân Đài gulf, some other landscapes such as Yến mountain, Ông Xá island, Nhất Tự Sơn island can satisfy tourists’ hobby of discovery.

Perhaps, when people refer to Xuân Đài, it is not able to neglect Nhất Tự Sơn island – the most beautiful island in Xuân Đài gulf, which is in shape of Nhất word in Chinese language. The island is in area of 6ha, far 300m from the seashore, and especially, when tide is down, it is possibly to swim from the seashore to the island. The islands are covered by a green mountain with many kinds of century-old trees.  There are many advantageous positions for traveling or fishing around the island.

Coming to Xuân Đài gulf, you will have chance to view Đá Đĩa waterfall, Ô Loan lagoon, Cù Mông lagoon…

Xuân Đài gulf has been in survey so that it will be considered to adopt as the national-level beauty of nature, and recommended as member of the club of beautiful gulfs in the world.

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